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Overview of Events/Meetings

  • YBLN Annual Forum

    This forum was the beginning of what we now know as the YBLN and is regularly held during the World Korean Business Convention in October every year. During the forum, business network meetings and small-group forums are held in order to facilitate interchanges of business experiences and other information between members. Networking programs are also opened in order to improve networks between continents/regions and exchanges between current YBLN members and new participants.

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  • YBLN City Forum

    This forum began from members who had not been satisfied with the regular forum held once a year. A country (or city) in which YBLN members reside is selected in May as the host country (city). Unlike the annual forum held in Korea, the forum runs local business-focused programs such as networking with local entrepreneurs and visits to local firms. Following the first forum in L.A., the U.S. in 2010, it was held in San Paulo, Brazil, in Tokyo, Japan, in Jakarta, Indonesia, in Beijing, China, and in Frankfurt, Germany.

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  • YBLN Regional Forum

    This forum is kind of a small-sized event that is held for networking between members of regions/continents and has been actively conducted in North America, Latin America, ASEAN, Europe, China, Japan and Korea among others. The forum of North America is opened in Las Vegas every January, while that of the ASEAN is held in a selected city every March. The leaders of other regions/continents are also making efforts to invigorate the forum.

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  • YBLN Scholarship Project

    The YBLN is conducting a scholarship project to contribute to the society and support children without parents who are enthusiastic and strive for their dreams. Of the middle/high school students recommended by the Korean Citizens Coalition for Teen Head of Household, candidates for the project are selected by the members of the Support Center through interviews and reported to committee members and the president for final approval. Equally important, the YBLN is planning another sharing program by recruiting mentors who can give advice and help scholarship students to realize their dreams.

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