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About YBLN


YBLN is business group making a network community into a global network of Young Korean Business Leaders from all over the world based on trust.


Competent entrepreneurs contribute to social development through continued learning and growth in a mutual exchange full of fellowship.

YBLN Right people

Pride as a Korean
Global mind
Comply with YBLN Vision & Mission, Well thought of entrepreneur in your country

In 2002, at the 1st World Korean Business Convention held in Korea , an informal global business networking community for Korean young adults was formed. The group’s goal was to create mutually beneficial business relationships around the world. In 2008, the informal networking group served as the basis for the creation of YBLN, Young Business Leaders Network.

In 2002, the Young Business Leaders Forum (YBLF) created the “Economic Leaders for the Next Generation Forum” as part of the annual “World Korean Business Convention”. The forum was created to gather Korean young adult businessmen from all over the world and to openly exchange opinions and information among each other. Over the years, YBLF developed a wider perspective which culminated at the 2007“World Korean Business Convention” held in Busan. At this conference, many participants experienced strong sympathy and fellowship within the community and had a desire to develop this informal group into a formal broader, globally networking organization. Following the event, a group of charter members agreed to create the “YBLF Reunion” group led by Young-gwan Lee. By 2008, following the “World Korean Business Convention” in Jeju, the YBLF participants voted to appoint Young-gwan Lee as the first official chairman and formally named the new group YBLN, “Young Business Leaders Network”.

2002년 제1차 세계한상대회가 전세계 한민족간의 글로벌한 Win-Win Network 구축을 취지로 우리의 국제적 경제력 제고를 위해 처음 개최된 이래, 2008년 YBLN이 탄생되었습니다

YBLN History

  1. 2024.02 The 14th YBLN New Delhi City Forum
  2. 2023.11 Elected Pengtao Li as the 9th YBLN President
  3. 2023.10 The 21st World Korean Business Convention (LA, USA)
  4. 2023.05 The 1st YBLN & FLC China Forum
  5. 2023.04 The 13th YBLN Yokohama City Forum
  6. 2023.02 The 10th YBLN ASEAN CAMBODIA Regional Forum
  7. 2022.12 The 5th YBLN Latin America Regional Forum at Buenos Aires
  8. 2022.11 The 20th World Korean Business Convention (Ulsan)
  9. 2022.09 The CIS Activation Program YBLN-OKBK Forum in Kyrgyzstan
  10. 2022.05 The 12th YBLN Jeju City Forum
  11. 2021.10 The 19th World Korean Business Convention (Jamsil)Elected Sangmin Choi as the 8th YBLN President
  12. 2021.09 The 11th YBLN Hochiminh City Forum
  13. 2020.02 The 9th YBLN ASEAN LAOS Regional Forum
  14. 2019.12 The 4th YBLN Latin America Regional Forum at Iguazu
  15. 2019.10 The 18th World Korean Business Convention (Yeosu)Elected Joohan Lee as the 7th YBLN President
  16. 2019.08 The 2nd YBLN Korean Diaspora Forum in Ussuriysk
  17. 2019.08 The 2nd YBLN Family Camp
  18. 2019.06 The 2nd YBLN China-Korea Regional Forum
  19. 2019.05 The 10th YBLN Dominica City Forum
  20. 2019.02~03 The 8th YBLN ASEAN Kuala Lumpur Regional Forum
  21. 2019.01 YBLN Latin America Regional Forum
  22. 2018.11~12 The 3rd YBLN Latin America Regional Forum in the Dominican Republic
  23. 2018.10 The 17th World Korean Business Convention (Incheon)
  24. 2018.07~08 The 1st YBLN Family Camp
  25. 2018.06 The 1st YBLN Korea & China Regional Forum
  26. 2018.05 The 9th YBLN Hanoi Forum
  27. 2018.04 The 5th YBLN CIS Activation Delegates Visit and Europe & CIS Regional Forum in St. Petersburg
  28. 2018.03 The 1st YBLN Korea Regional Forum
  29. 2018.03 The 1st YBLN Diaspora Forum in Sapporo
  30. 2018.02 The 7th YBLN ASEAN Regional Forum in Dubai
  31. 2017.11 The 2nd YBLN Latin America Regional Forum in Colombia
  32. 2017.10 The 16th World Korean Business Convention (Changwon)Elected Scott Hansin Kim as YBLN President
  33. 2017.07 The 4th CIS Activation Program and YBLN Europe & CIS Regional Meeting in Kazakhstan
  34. 2017.05 The 8th YBLN Conference in New York, USA(83 participants from 21 nations)
  35. 2017.05 The 8th YBLN New York Forum (83 participants from 21 nations)
  36. 2017.02 The 6th YBLN ASEAN Regional Forum in Philippines (50 participants from 12 nations)
  37. 2016.09 The 15th World Korean Business Convention (Jeju)Elected Bun Do Choi as YBLN President
  38. 2016.08 The 3rd YBLN CIS Activation Program in Russia
  39. 2016.05 The 7th YBLN Sydney Forum (100 participants from 18 nations)
  40. 2016.02 The 5th YBLN ASEAN Regional Meeting in Thailand (38 participants from 15 nations)
  41. 2015.10 The 14th World Korean Business Convention (Gyeongju)
  42. 2015.07 The 2nd YBLN CIS Activation Program in Russia and Kazakhstan
  43. 2015.05 The 6th YBLN Frankfurt Forum (100 participants from 17 nations)
  44. 2015.04 The 1st YBLN Latin America Regional Forum in Argentina
  45. 2015.03 The 4th YBLN ASEAN Regional Forum in India (50 participants from 9 nations)
  46. 2014.09 The 13th World Korean Business Convention (Busan)Elected Won Kyu Park as YBLN Chairman
  47. 2014.07 The 1st YBLN CIS Activation Program in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
  48. 2014.05 The 5th YBLN Beijing Forum (70 participants from 16 nations)
  49. 2014.03 The 3rd YBLN ASEAN Regional Forum in Myanmar (30 participants from 9 nations)
  50. 2013.10 The 12th World Korean Business Convention (Gwangju)
  51. 2013.05 The 4th YBLN Jakarta Forum (70 participants from 16 nations)
  52. 2013.03 The 2nd YBLN ASEAN Regional Forum in Vietnam (40 participants from 10 nations)
  53. 2012.10 The 11th World Korean Business Convention (Seoul)Elected Hae-jeong Ko as YBLN Chairman
  54. 2012.05 The 3rd YBLN Tokyo Forum (70 participants from 16 nations)
  55. 2012.03 The 1st YBLN ASEAN Regional Forum in Indonesia (20 participants from 5 nations)
  56. 2011.10 The 10th World Korean Business Convention (Busan)
  57. 2011.05 The 2nd YBLN Sao Paulo Forum (60 participants)
  58. 2010.10 The 9th World Korean Business Convention (Daegu)Elected John Hyo Soo Kim as YBLN Chairman
  59. 2010.05 The 1st YBLN Los Angeles Forum (30 participants)
  60. 2009.10 The 8th World Korean Business Convention (Incheon)Reelected Young Kwan Lee as YBLN Chairman
  61. 2008.10 The 7th World Korean Business Convention (Jeju)Establishment of ‘YBLN’ and Elected Young Kwan Lee as the First Chairman
  62. 2007.10 The 6th World Korean Business Convention (Busan) Establishment of ‘YBLF Alumni’
  63. 2002.10~2006.10 The 1th~5th World Korean Business Convention ‘YBLF’