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Overview of Committees

  • Cellforum Committee

    • The Cellforum Committee aims to provide an opportunity and time for YBLN members to get to know each other and understand better of their lives and backgrounds. By sharing happy and challenging moments of their lives, we can feel sympathy and joy together, and it is the goal of the Committee to build strong bond among members.

    ■ Major Tasks

    1. 01 Plan and organize cell forums during YBLN events.
    2. 02 Plan and organize autonomous programs for current YBLN members and new
  • Event Committee

    • The Event Committee plans and supports a wide range of events including YBLF, YBLN regular forums, city forums and regional forums.
    • The committee plans and organizes YBLN golf events.
    • It draws up frameworks and manuals for major periodic events.
    • The committee organizes event programs and other informal events.

    ■ Major Tasks

    1. 01 Supports the YBLN city forums and regional forums.
    2. 02 Draws up processes and manuals for events.
    3. 03 Plans and organizes YBLN golf competitions.
    4. 04 Arranges YBLN regular forums.
    5. 05 Develops event programs and other programs to enhance interchanges and
      networking between members.
    6. 06 Plans and organizes informal events.
  • Vitalization Committee

    The Activation Committee aims following three main targets:
    • Vitalizing the exchange among current YBLN members. The Activation Committee will pay efforts to better understand the backgrounds, the needs and also the potential collaboration opportunities of its members.
    • Recruiting new members as an effort for YBLN vitalization and focusing on currently underrepresented regions
    • Studying other business organizations, enhancing the idea exchange and learning from external parties

    ■ Major Tasks

    1. 01 Learning the background of the current members and identifying their needs
    2. 02 Creating activities to serve the needs
    3. 03 Identifying underrepresented regions of YBLN and analyzing how to target them
    4. 04 Working out an action plan for these regions with the support of internal and
      external parties
    5. 05 Identifying interesting business organizations with a similar scope of operation
    6. 06 Approaching these organizations and exchanging ideas of a potential collaboration
  • Business Committee

    • The Business Committee is responsible for planning and implementing ways to help members gain competencies for globalization and share them effectively with one another to create values.
    • The committee develops programs to enhance the networking between members and help them discover their full potential.
    • The committee takes responsibility for creating synergy through networking with external agencies or institutes.

    ■ Major Tasks

    1. 01Runs programs for YBLN events.

      - YBLN City Forum / YBLN Annual Forum
      : Plans and operates programs to exchange business information or opportunities between members.
      : Plans and operates programs to cooperate with external agencies or institutes.

    2. 02 Supports interchanges between members.

      - Promotes interchanges of business information or opportunities between members.

    3. 03Find resources that can help members with their businesses.

      - Offers opportunities to make exchanges with external agencies or institutes (regarding information, business, education or consultation).

  • Membership Committee

    • The Membership Committee defines membership in accord with the YBLN’s mission and vision and helps the members practice the key values of membership. In addition, the committee promotes, records and supports the members to fulfill their rights and obligations. Ultimately, it is responsible for creating a culture of discipline in order to maintain the deep trust between members.

    ■ Major Tasks

    1. 01 Enacts and enforces rules for recruitment and maintenance of members.
    2. 02 Confirms and encourages the payment of dues.
    3. 03 Records members’ activities and contributions(participation in events,
      activities of committee members, volunteer, and donation, etc.)
    4. 04 Judges members and grants awards.
    5. 05 Manages the membership database (official web, official app., and Facebook)
  • Support Center

    • The Secretariat supports the Steering Committee and eight other Committees for effective activities and all YBLN events including YBLN programs during the World Korean Business Convention, City Forum and others.
    • The Secretariat establishes and manages systems to facilitate communication and networking between members, and records and retains important materials of the YBLN.
    • The Secretariat supports YBLN activities through consultation and cooperation with the Overseas Koreans Foundation and other external agencies.
    • Other works to support YBLN activities and convenience of members are the responsibility of the Secretariat.

    ■ Major Tasks

    1. 01 Supports all programs supervised by YBLN
    2. 02 Supports YBLN programs during World Korean Business Convention
    3. 03 Builds and maintains systems to facilitate communication between members.
    4. 04 Establishes a database for members to share information
      such as the YBLN’s history, events and conferences.
    5. 05 Arranges and records a meeting such as meetings of the executive,
      steering committee and other general meetings.
    6. 06 Manages the finance and rules, including receipt of membership dues.
    7. 07 Consults with the Foundation.
    8. 08 Supports members’ family events.
    9. 09 Plans and organizes scholarship programs.
    10. 10 Makes backups of all YBLN-related works.
  • Family Camp Committee

    • YBLN Family Camp aims to form intimate networks among YBLN members and build a deeper bond with families of members. It is a family-participating program that plans various experiences and recreational activities. Children of YBLN members in various age groups participate and make a great memory while having a memorable time.

    ■ Major Tasks

    1. 01 Plan Family Camp in June~August
      - Recreational activities such as cultural and environmental experience
      - Promote natural bond among children of YBLN members
      - Promote friendship among families of YBLN members
  • Women's Committee

    • Women's Committee contributes to the achievement of YBLN's mission and vision, promotes the status and participation of female members, and improves the amity and network of YBLN with the competency and wisdom of Women.

    ■ Major Tasks

    1. 01 Promote participation of female members in YBLN activities
    2. 02 Recruit new female members
    3. 03 Enhance the business competency and capacity of female members
    4. 04 Promote amity among female members and male members
    5. 05 Promote businesses of female members
    6. 06 Resolve difficulties of facing the female members
  • Scholarship Committee

    • Scholarship Committee is in charge of scholarship project of YBLN to support students who are in difficult circumstances yet trying to pursue their dreams with passion and give back to society. The scholarship students are selected first through recommendations from various organizations and YBLN members, secondly through direct interview with the Committee members, and finally confirmation of the Committee and the Presidents. The selected scholarship students are offered mentoring by YBLN members for career consulting and pursuit of their dreams as well as financial support.

    ■ Major Tasks

    1. 01 Selection of YBLN Korea scholarship students
    2. 02 Selection of Overseas scholarship students with OK Bae & Jung Scholarship
    3. 03 Provision of scholarship to the selected students
    4. 04 Provision of mentorship with mentors selected among YBLN members to support the
      scholarship students' dreams