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Overview of YBLF

영비스니지 리더포럼,Young Business leaders forum

  1. Participants

    A next-generation businessperson under 45 years of age living in
    Korea or abroad

    • A CEO or equivalent businessperson with foreign citizenship or permanent residency who is doing business overseas
    • A person who is recommended by a Korean national agency or economic organization in a foreign country, or participant of the forum and who has built a successful career or is a promising business leader in the foreign country
  2. How to Participate

    Notification on Recruitment (May)

    • An overseas Korean national agency or applicant himself/herself submits an application (May or June).
    • The applicants are screened to select participants
    • Recruits are announced publicly and notified to individual persons.
    • They are registered in the World Korean Business Convention.
    • Each comes to participate in the forum.
  3. Major Programs Held to Date
    • Young Business Leaders Night: Introduction of participants by continent to form a close relationship
    • Young Business Leaders Forum: Lectures by Korean or foreign entrepreneurs, Hansang Leading CEO’s Success Story, and presentation on ways for overseas expansion and success by region, etc.
    • Young Business Leaders Internal Meeting: Discussion on ways to develop and operate the YBLF, etc.
    • Young Business Leaders Industry Visits: Visit to businesses at home and abroad

YBLF, the abbreviation for Young Business Leaders Forum, has been held since 2002 by the Overseas Koreans Foundation in association with the World Korean Business Convention (Hansang Convention). The forum is aimed at discovering promising businesspeople of next generation who are Koreans residing abroad and building networks between entrepreneurs in Korea and abroad.

About 100 Korean CEOs and professionals who are active in mainstream societies overseas are invited to the forum in order to facilitate business interactions. And the YBLN (Young Business Leaders Network), was founded in 2008 as a networking group of the forum participants and has conducted extensive activities since then.

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